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    ...Extraordinary Sportsmen. Why are Cubans such talented athletes? How many gold medals have been won? How do they train? Local sports results. Sport is Cuba's national passion, baseball is the favourite. Take a look inside Cuba's sports scene...

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    ...Since the introduction of the # 77 foreign investment law in 1995, Cuba has become an excellent foreign investment venue. Real estate, Tourism, Hotels, manufacturing and many other sectores. Our onsite team can walk you through every aspect of an investment, from the dream to reality...

    ...Cuban culture, what makes the Cubans 'tick'? Racial mixes, music, art, cultures by region, food, local drinks and much more. Find out about celebrities and how they came to be.

    ...If you are single or a couple, you need not feel alone in Cuba. This site specifically focuses upon those people who need "a friend onsite". Take a look at the individual activities, single room rates, best "sole traveler" prices, excitement and fun. Our onsite team will "make it happen". 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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    …We do our best to provide you with the most precise and updated information about Cuba. We have a diversity of topics, images, simplified search, and new pages devoted to online sales for tourists and business persons interested in investing on the island.
    • About Playa Giron Cuba
      About Playa Giron Cuba
      Playa Giron or Giron beach is a white sand beach and village on the east bank of the Bahia de Cochinos or Bay of Pigs. This previously unknown†sleepy village†shot to notoriety in 1961 because of the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. Today life at Playa Giron is laid back, with little recollection of the ill-fated battle that took place. However, a museum was erected to remember Cuba's fallen heroes and is extremely popular with both United States and international citizens [...]
    • Hotel Playa Giron Cuba
      Hotel Playa Giron Cuba
      Hotel Playa Giron is located right on the oceanfront, guaranteeing its guests the most prime beach resort location. Due to its unique location, Hotel Playa Giron is an ideal spot for snorkeling, diving or those who enjoy the beach and pristine white sands of Cuba. Situated in the Zapata peninsula just 2 hours from Varadero, the hotel Playa Giron is a popular destination for divers, with crystal clear waters and colorful coral reefs along with several explored shipwrecks. The Hotel [...]
    • Car Rental Playa Giron Cuba | Car Hire Playa Giron Cuba
      Car Rental Playa Giron Cuba | Car Hire Playa Giron Cuba
      Take control of your trip to Cuba and visit Playa Giron†in Matanzas†with your own†Cuban rent a car. We have some incredible Playa Giron Car rental offers, right†from economic cars to the latest 7 seat family minivan models. We also offer luxury cars to visit Playa Giron Cuba, especially for those searching for a classy drive. Booking your Cuba Car Hire in advance is crucial to your trip and, by checking our rates and availability you'll be able to find the [...]
    • Playa Giron Casa Particular | Playa Giron Private Home
      Playa Giron Casa Particular | Playa Giron Private Home
      A Casa Particular in Playa Giron or home stay in Playa Giron City Center or just outside Playa Giron will ensure you experience both the wonders of Playa Giron's amazing culture, immersed in one-on-one contact with your Cuban hosts while visiting the mythical Bay of Pigs Museum, Playa Larga or the Cienaga de Zapata national park. Learn about Playa Giron's rich history, together with true Cuban hospitality. The owners of your casa particular in Playa Giron speak fluent English and [...]
    • Major airports near Playa Giron Cuba
      Major airports near Playa Giron Cuba
      The nearest major airport to Playa Giron†is Jaime Gonzalez Airport Cienfuegos (CFG / MUCF). This airport has international and domestic flights and is 36 km from the center of Playa Giron, Cuba. Another major airport is Abel Santamaria Airport Santa Clara (SNU / MUSC), which has international and domestic flights from Santa Clara, Cuba and is 112 km from Giron, Cuba. †Need to Cuban Rent a Car at any of these Cuba airports? Maybe a Hotel in Cuba?
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    • All about Giron Cuba
      All about Giron Cuba
      Playa Giron or in English Giron beach is a village on the east bank of the Bahia de Cochinos made famous by the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. [...]
    • Why visit Playa Giron?
      Why visit Playa Giron?
      Whether your reason to visit Giron and the Bay of Pigs site is for historical motives or you simply wish to stay at one of the most beautiful and largely [...]
    • Cuba Online Hotel Reservations
      Cuba Online Hotel Reservations
      Cuba Hotels by province is offered exclusively from the Cuba Giron Booking Team at Travelucion. Browse Cuban hotels by category, price or read Cuban Hotel Reviews. Travelucion also offers independent [...]
    • Bay of Pigs Invasion Playa Giron
      Bay of Pigs Invasion Playa Giron
      In April 1961, Playa Giron was one of two landing sites for seaborne forces of about 1,500 armed Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, a United States of [...]

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